Stefan Bielau on App Store Localisation at APS2014

Jamie Giggs | August 25, 2014

App Marketing


Dynamo Partners‘ Managing Partner, Stefan Bielau, spoke at the App Promotion Summit in London this year on app store localisation and how app marketers can internationalise their ASO strategy. Dynamo Partners has offices in Cologne, Berlin and Warsaw and the company is a boutique consulting firm specializing in mobile apps and services.

Dynamo Partners’ Stefan Bielau talks app store localisation IMG_4491
Stefan spoke about the importance of localising an app into multiple languages and demonstrated its impact by listing a few success stories. For example, Real Boxing on the iPhone achieved ten times the sales average for three weeks after the localisation update had taken place. Another example was a Trivia game on the Google Play Store that featured a +100% increase of weekly installs and revenue; it made the biggest impact in the USA, UK and Canada after localisation. The presentation highlighted the number of available languages in each of the key app stores: 40 for Apple’s App Store, 50 for the Windows Phone Store, 51 for Google Play and 8 for the Amazon Appstore. Stefan concluded his speech by saying that localising the user journey is vital for achieving the best results.
Dynamo Partners’ App Store Localisation Presentation
You can check out Dynamo Partners’ presentation and slides below:

The Twitter Reaction
Here’s what a few of the attendees at the App Promotion Summit had to say about Stefan’s presentation.

Thanks to Stefan and Dynamo Partners for giving such an interesting talk. You can find more coverage of App Promotion Summit London 2014 here and we’ll be releasing the video and audio recordings of the event soon.

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