Interview with Isaac Deutsch, co-founder of WaiveCar – a Free Electric Car Sharing Service

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Posted: June 29, 2016

Kara Dake is a Product Evangelist for CleverTap and the host of an ongoing Startup Innovators interview and event series. Each week she highlights high-growth mobile startup founders and marketers in the vibrant startup scene in LA & London.  Kara is currently General Assembly’s Startup, Marketing & Women in Tech curator for Los Angeles. Kara also launched and now advises the LA Chapter of the Vinetta Project, an organization that connects female entrepreneurs to investors.


Car sharing and car clubs have become a popular service to hit the streets recently. Waivecar is the latest new car rental model, where people can rent cars for a short period of time, often by the hour.

WaiveCar’s tagline is ‘we waive the fee, you drive for free.” WaiveCar is the first sponsored car-sharing program that allows customers to drive for free as part of their marketing strategy.  The cars work as mobile billboards; all the customer’s need is a mobile phone, driver’s license and a credit card to use the car-sharing service.

CleverTap recently met with Isaac Deutsch, Co-Founder & CEO of Waivecar to learn more about his innovative new start up and to discuss mobile growth strategies for his business.

WaiveCar launched in January 2016 in Santa Monica with 20 cars in the initial beta launch. In the first month the service had 3000 total users and 1000 bookings. Isaac said it took competitors Zipcar and Cart2Go even longer to hit these numbers, with a much larger fleet of cars compared to his 20.

The company offers the first two hours of car use for free paid by advertisers, and they charge $5.99 per hour after that. When asked what is his driving mobile growth tactics, Isaac summed up his engagement strategy: “the word is free.”

Most customers use the car for a short period of time and within the two-hour free time frame, which Isaac says is ideal, as Waive is not looking to make money off of their users. Currently, the company’s customer base is 45% female and 55% male. One loyal customer, a 35-year-old male, picks up and drops off the car several times a day, using it for 1-2 hours at a time.

WaiveCar’s has plans to expand its service in LA with an additional 180 cars, and they are looking at other potential cities like Austin and Portland for launch in 2017. The company has nixed plans for San Francisco; they believe the market is over saturated with other competitors like Zipcar, Uber and Lyft.

Find out how Isaac Deutsch, Co-Founder & CEO of Waivecar plans to navigate the car sharing market and his entrepreneur advice for launching a new startup. Watch the full interview below.

Startup Innovator: Meet Co-Founder Isaac Deutsch of WaiveCar

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