SpotX partners with Meetrics to solve mobile inventory verification challenge

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. July 5, 2017

Whilst many mobile advertisers are still making blind inventory buys, verification has become an important step in ensuring transparency and safety. Mobile ad verification can help boost performance of mobile campaigns and ensure that intended audiences are reached.
That is why SpotX, the video advertising platform, has teamed up with audience verification and fraud detection firm, Meetrics, to launch additional inventory verification and audience behavioural data for video advertisers.
As part of the deal, Meetrics’ data will be made available through SpotX’s platform as an add-on for publishers to report to advertisers. Meetrics is an advertising attention specialist, which uses data tracking to measure viewability and on-page behaviour.
SpotX already provides a suite of brand safety features and its own technology. However, given recent safety concerns across the industry, the company has been focusing on expanding its safety controls to boost its technology and partner with third-parties such as Meetrics.
Nick Frizzell, Senior Director of brand safety and inventory operations at SpotX, explains;

“SpotX employs a variety of methods and technology to remove low-quality traffic and to ensure buyers are accessing high-quality, brand safe inventory. We provide our clients with an exhaustive, always-updating list of metrics and a controllable system for ensuring inventory quality and brand safety and eliminating fraud.”

Since there are no official standards available, inventory verification is likely to remain a challenge for a lot of marketers. However, the industry may be able to help define the best practices. Frizzell adds:

“The addition of Meetrics to our panel of brand safety vendors adds another reliable partner and new standards for maximising the data reporting and insights our publisher clients can provide to advertisers.”