Spotify launches mobile display ads


Spotify recently launched mobile display ads. The music streaming service introduced Billboard, a desktop ad format, for mobile campaigns. Called Overlay Mobile, it allows advertisers to purchase display ads for mobile devices.

Spotify launches Overlay Mobile ads



Overlay Mobile ads will only play when a screen is opened so that ads retain a 100% viewability rate.

It’s high time for Spotify to tap into the mobile ad market, given that 65% of its 70m global users are accessing the service from mobile devices. And with daily consumption on the rise by 28 minutes per day to 148 minutes, it could reach a good chunk of audience.

Jeff Levick, Chief revenue officer, Spotify, explains:

jeff levick

“There are very few mobile platforms that have this level of a highly engaged audience. And not just a high engagement, but an attractive audience of 18 to 34 year olds and actually reaching them at that real-time, interest-based level.”

In addition, the company is upgrading its targeting features in partnership with data management firm Krux. It has now added over 100 interest audience segments. This enables clients to target consumers by sectors such as movies, automotive, shopping, sports etc.

The usage of metadata for playlists also gives an indication of what users are doing whilst they listen to a certain playlist.

According to Levick, the company grew 100% the year over.

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