Spotify extends self-serve ad platform for audio ads globally

Spotify has expanded its self-serve advertising platform globally after successful beta testing.

Advertisers can use the Ad Studio to upload their campaign scripts to the popular music streaming app and produce an audio ad complete with background music and voiceover.

According to Spotify, 75,000 marketers and artists have used Spotify Ad Studio to create adverts previously.

The platform was initially trialed in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

“Spotify Ad Studio has been a fantastic platform for Harmoney to manage media performance, build reach, and craft localized creative from a single view,” said Glen MacKellaig, Head of Marketing for Harmoney.

“It’s easy to use and gives you all the right information to make informed marketing decisions. As a new brand seeking cut-through in the personal loans market, we needed our target audience to hear our message and we needed to maximize every advertising dollar towards ROAS. Spotify advertising combines the best of both traditional mass media with the pinpoint accuracy of digital marketing.”

Advertisers who are interested in using the service can sign up online. They will then be contacted by a Spotify representative.

Audio ads are currently only available in English, but the platform already announced plans to add other languages.

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