Speed = Revenue – mobile pages are still too bloated and take too long to load Google research finds

Speed does equal revenue. That’s the latest finding from a Google study, which sought to determine if mobile sites are becoming faster in the wake of Google’s Accelerated Pages movement.
It’s no secret that consumers demand faster mobile page loads. However, the average time it takes to load a mobile landing page is still 22 seconds. Worryingly, over half of mobile page visitors (53%) will abandon a page that takes over three seconds to load.
That’s a big problem for marketers and businesses alike, and it’s mirrored in conversion rates with overall mobile conversions generally lower than those on desktop.
Google recently analysed 900,000 mobile advertising landing pages across 126 countries and found that the majority of sites were slow and bloated with too many elements.
For 70% of pages which Google analysed, it took almost 7 seconds for visual content above the fold to fully show, and over 10 seconds to load content above and below the fold.
This has a direct effect on page abandonment. Indeed, the probability of a mobile site visitor leaving a page increases 113% with a 7-second load time.
In addition, the research noted that 70% of examined pages were over 1MB, whilst 36% were over 2MB and 12% were even over 4MB. That’s a huge mobile page size, given that the average 1.5Mb takes 7 seconds to load using a 3G connection.
Automotive, tech companies and industrial industries were found to have the most room for improvement.
The takeaway for mobile marketers: “No matter what, faster is better and less is more.”

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