South Koreans prefer in-app display ads, says eMarketer


eMarketer recently released a new research round-up of mobile advertising in South Korea, highlighting how mobile display ad spend is slightly more app-focused in the country.
Compiling a study by Researchad, it found that marketers in South Korea spent $972.5m on in-app mobile display ads last year, representing 59% of all mobile display ad spend in 2015. Mobile web display ads made up $675.7m in outlays.

Mobile display ad spend in-app higher than in-web

According to estimates from eMarketer, total mobile online ad spend in the country reached $1.6bn in 2015. For 2016, the researchers predict spending to rise by 30% to $2.08bn, a quarter of total media ad spend in South Korea. This means that two-thirds of the country’s digital ad spend is happening on mobile devices.

Figures from Korea Broadcast Advertising Corp paint a similar picture, having estimated mobile ad spend to reach $1.54bn in 2015. Findings from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism came in 25% below eMarketer estimates at $728.6m for 2014.

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