SourceKnowledge releases native video JavaScript advertising unit for mobile

source knowledge
SourceKnowledge, the performance advertising company, has just rolled out a native video JavaScript ad unit for mobile (and desktop). This lets advertisers serve non-video inventory including blog posts and slideshow articles in a more impactful way and increases access to premium inventory, SourceKnowledge says.
Publishers can also benefit by growing their non-video inventory monetisation through higher video ad CPMs.
SourceKnowledge launches new native video JavaScript ad unit

source knowledge

With native advertising predicted to reach $21bn in 2018, it could impact campaign performance strongly. SourceKnowledge says that its new native ad unit aims to let advertisers reach this higher value through an improved user experience.
Advertisers insert an ad unit code snippet into an article, which then gets embedded to a publisher’s site. SourceKnowledge can then serve pre-roll style video ads within the content without disrupting the user experience.

Patrick Hopf, President and Co-Founder, SourceKnowledge, says:

patrick hopf

“Our native ad unit was developed with consumers’ need for unique and engaging experiences in mind as this increases conversion for advertisers and better monetization options for publishers. Data driven advertisers know that the way their creatives are delivered determines their impact. We’re committed to investing in advertising solutions that meet the create value for all parties — advertisers, publishers and end users.”

Effectively, the company wants to offer a more effective way to serve in-banner video ad units. It also aims to provide access to premium inventory to its partners. At the same time, publishers are regaining some control by choosing how they wish to monetise their content.

Manny Puentes, CTO of Altitude Digital, adds:

manny puentes

“As the programmatic video platform for publishers, we see firsthand the pressures content creators face to produce more video and grow revenue. Ad blocking has only accentuated the need to create seamless advertising experiences for users. That’s why we believe outstream and native advertising are essential to any video strategy, and can benefit publishers and advertisers alike.”

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