SourceKnowledge announces record growth in mobile ad inventory

SourceKnowledge, a Canadian programmatic video platform, announced a record growth of 938% in mobile ad inventory in Q1 2015 compared to the year over. The company added that revenue had jumped by 85%. With mobile fast becoming a priority among many marketers, SourceKnowledge is to capitalise even more. The company already delivers programmatic video to over 500,000 mobile sites and apps and is part of exchanges including SpotXChange, Nexage, Vdopia, Inner-Active, LiveRail,, and Dailymotion Exchange.
SourceKnowledge offers a programmatic self-service video platform which measures post-click behaviour
Damien Pigasse, CRO at Dailymotion’s DMX (Dailymotion Exchange), says:

“SourceKnowledge helps us attract and align top brands with our more than 3 billion monthly video views and to reach our worldwide audience of 300 million users. Unfettered access to our audience ensures the best experience for advertisers on DMX but also allows us to keep in touch with all sorts of market needs and to constantly adapt and customize our offering for better performance.”

The upsurge in ad inventory is part of a larger shift towards premium video advertising as more and more marketers recognise the benefits. In addition, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) issued an addendum to the MRAID video standard format for video that allows mobile app publishers to add video app support within their environments.
Patrick Hopf, President and Co-founder, SourceKnowledge, confirms:

“The explosion in mobile traffic is a huge opportunity for advertisers. Mobile is a quadruple threat for marketers: it offers a more personal experience, it can be taken everywhere, it provides location data, and has payment integrated within the platform. For marketers that carefully measure RoAS, the proliferation of devices has allowed them to finally scale and optimize more innovative campaigns that reach the always-on consumer and drive revenue.”

Over the last 12 months, SourceKnowledge accessed 438bn ad impression opportunities in total. The company has entered a multitude of partnerships including one with Crosswise, to offer its multi-screen ad placement tool Cross-Serve. Earlier this year, the company announced an integration with Google’s DoubleClick, that enables marketers to make use of SourceKnowledge’s SmartBidder RTB solution when purchasing programmtically on YouTube.

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