Some Common Misconceptions Regarding the Mobile App Development

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Posted: September 14, 2017

Gone are the days when people had a charm to download a mobile app, just because it was considered as new experience. But if we go through the latest stats of 2017 presented by Statista, there are about 2.8 million apps on Android store and 2.2 on the Apple Store. But how will it benefit your business if it remains unnoticed and users don’t download it. Well, that’s the story with most of the mobile apps.

According to the report published on Gartner says that less than 0.01 percent of consumer mobile apps will be regarded as financially successful by their developers in 2018.  Now you can well imagine, how fierce the competition has turned out to be.

However, this is not the end of the road. In order to battle out the tough challenge you need to know the common myths with respect to mobile app development. Once you are aware it becomes easy to follow a systematic procedure and avoid the mistakes. So, without wasting the time any further, let’s get down on discussing some of the myths that have been trending in the mobile app development industry.

Mobile Apps are Not for Small Businesses and Startups

Well, if you are creating apps, it’s not a good idea to develop a biased attitude, right in the upfront. If you think that mobile apps are the cups of tea only for multinational companies and big business entrepreneurs, probably you have missed the bus. Today mobile apps are proving to be a great helping hand in nurturing the new business; especially the startups. It helps to ensure online visibility, enacts as a marketing channel and enhances customer presence besides much more.

So, you need to develop also for new entrepreneurs, which will not only promote their business but you can also get more customers on the board. In fact, you should encourage startups to hire mobile app development company, if so they are in a dilemma whether to hire or not.

Developing Enterprise Apps is Hectic Task and Time Taking

If you are in app development business, you must be aware how essential the enterprise apps have become in today’s scenario. It usually takes about six months to create a new application and then submit it into the app store. But ever since the advancement of the technology, we have come across new and fast innovative techniques and feature developed applications enabling to build a robust app. Therefore, no more long driven time consumption is required to develop enterprise apps. Furthermore, according to Gartner, the demand of enterprise mobile apps will outstrip the available building capacity from five to one.

If you succeed in creating the apps at a faster rate, it will deliver the results quickly and it also increases the effectiveness of development process.

Adding more and more Features will Prove Beneficial

Another mistaken identity during the app development process is that if you add more features, it will do a word of good for you. Don’t try to add extra features unnecessarily just for the sake of making the best app stuffed with features.

You are actually landing into an area of difficulties. Firstly because, it would mean that the mobile application will become too complex for a user to operate. And if he fails to understand its operation, he will either delete it or it would lie unattended in one corner of the mobile screen. Secondly, there are more changes of the mobile getting hanged. Remember, the capacity of every smartphone isn’t the same.

Instead your focus should be on offering best in class graphics as well as enhancing the user-experience (UX). This will make the app more attractive and draw audiences.

Updating App is Not Necessary

This again can be an extended part of the user experience. If you are developing an app, make it a point to update your app on regular basis. And the most important aspect here is to remind your app users requesting them to update it through a notification. This is one of the ways to judge whether your app has been able to impress the customer or not. If the customer doesn’t update the app, it means they won’t return to your app anymore.

App Marketing- It’s not in the Dictionary

Another myth which the developers form is regarding the app marketing. Marketing is one the indispensable tools to showcase and promote your business and app marketing is a wonderful opportunity to reach out the potential users.

Of course, you can make use of the social media platforms to promote your app development firm but there are other methods too. One is through blog posting where you keep on informing the Tech Greeks about the latest happenings of the app industry.

Care-free Attitude towards App Ratings and Feedbacks

It has been seen that some of the app developers develop a carefree attitude and as such don’t give much importance to the value of app ratings and customer feedbacks. And the result is that they suffer later on when their apps are forgotten by the users.

Therefore, you must check your app ratings on the regular basis because this is a parameter that determines whether your app is successful or not. Many new users tend to only download the app after going through the ratings and reading the reviews. In fact, you must know that in case you are an iOS developer, Apple won’t release your app unless you have a five-star rating.

Putting a Unique Idea will suffice the Target

Well, this is a misconception that most of the app developers built that if they have a great idea, it is sufficient for a booming app launch. However, it is not so. Having a novel idea is wonderful, but if you are not putting in the right effort and investing the right time, then you won’t expect the desired results. And most importantly, you need to execute your ideas perfectly.

It is also vital to point at the same time that app building is a team work which means coordination and systematic planning.

Mobile App Development is Only Writing Codes

People also tend to think that mobile application development is just about writing the codes and the job’s done. No; it’s more than that. Mere knowledge of the Android or the iOS frameworks such as Node.js, Angular.js, React.js including others is not will help in designing a mobile app. You also need to have a good grip on functionality, User Interface, User Experience and graphics etc. You should also be clear in your mind whether you want to opt for the native apps or hybrid apps.


Well, this blog is just a short trailer to the bigger picture of how vast the arena of app development actually is. And it is obvious to have some myths in the beginning; but at the same time, it is equally very essential to get rid of them as soon as possible. Hope this blog will be helpful in this regard.

And to be precise, the best decision is indeed hiring the services of an App Development Company, which is both reliable and highly professional to cater various needs of the client.

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