SocialPeta enters global market to boost enterprise marketing

Partner Post - SocialPeta Ads Intelligence Tool For Marketing Strategy

Posted: May 12, 2020

In the marketing field, the progress of data technology has made it a reality for enterprises to learn comprehensive market data to help them make operational decisions and advertising plans. SocialPeta, an intelligent analysis platform for advertising intelligence founded in 2015, has always focused on market advertising data and intelligent technology. Through five years of unremitting efforts and polishing, the team of SocialPeta has won extensive trust and influence in many markets around the world.

Hundreds of companies, including Facebook, Google, Alibaba, Netease Games, Baidu, Perfect World, and Toutiao, have chosen SocialPeta to offer them data marketing services in the global advertising market. By cooperating with these clients, we have further optimized the data analysis ability and upgraded the service system and user experience of products, thus allowing us to provide our clients with better advertising market analysis services.

SocialPeta has covered over 770 million advertising data volume of nearly 70 mainstream channels worldwide, with such three major industries as games, applications, and e-commerce included. It offers diverse analysis functions such as advertising market analysis, application intelligence analysis, advertising creativity analysis, advertising cost analysis, as well as advertising site media and channel analysis. Meanwhile, we give customers multi-dimensional functional choices such as advertiser lists, creative materials and popular copywriting lists, distribution and audience analysis, and creative communities, etc. By doing so, we aim to improve the efficiency and effect of enterprise marketing more comprehensively through pluralistic choices. Besides, we will continue to optimize subdivisions to upgrade the data service of the advertising and application markets.

Based on technical ability and big data, SocialPeta has currently decided to further expand the global market, with Vietnam, Turkey as the preferred country. We believe that through the experience accumulation and product polishing in the past five years, SocialPeta can surely provide Turkey clients with better advertising data analysis services. Also, we will continue to take root in advertising information analysis and help more enterprises enrich advertising creativity, optimize advertising data, and boost distribution efficiency.

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