Social sharing for influencer marketed travel content comparatively low

Anne Freier | December 12, 2018


Influencer-related travel content continues to grow in importance. Content types for travel-related stories vary widely from influencer to infographic, from interactive to article and video. Now, Kaizen has taken a closer look at over 2,000 pieces of travel content to find out which are the most successful.

The findings reveal that interactive content reaches considerably higher social shares and referred domains, compared to infographics, video and non-influencer content. Influencer travel content ranked low for social shares and lowest for domain referrals.

However, Jamie Star, head of marketing at Day out with the Kids cautions that influencers are often not used correctly in the context of travel content.

“Content will always be ‘hit and miss’ with no guarantee of success no matter which route taken, however it’s fair to say that great content still works” he said. “Brands may be drawn to influencer marketing but still struggle to measure accurately the ROI compared with more traditional content marketing techniques.“

He recommends collaboration between multiple formats.

Among the top performing content types, Kaizen noted that a fall foliage map created by Smoky Mountain performed best, followed by a piece on a How Music Travels.

These content choices offer some clue as to what consumers prefer in terms of travel content and may inspire more successful influencer-related content.

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