Social media, mobile and mCommerce – a look at Generation Z

Generation Z, those born after 1994, can be a bit of mystery to many marketers. That’s why Hill Holiday commissioned Origin to survey 1,000 US
Gen Z consumers about their media preferences.
Unsurprisingly, social media dominates smartphone usage among Gen Z consumers. Indeed, 91% of them were using at least one social media platform, whilst 51% also said they used social media constantly.
Among the top platforms used were Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp and Tumblr.
For advertisers, these insights offer an excellent opportunity to reach Gen Z via social media. Ultimately, it means shifting budgets if advertisers are trying to reach Gen Z in a more effective way.
So why does Gen Z like social media?
71% of users said that social media had a positive impact on their friendships whilst 61% agreed that it had a positive impact on their self confidence. 66% said it was easier to connect with people using social media platforms.

However, respondents also acknowledged that social media had downsides, including making them feel like they were missing out (22%), hurting their self-esteem (29%) and being too distracting (72%).
Brands should use social opportunities to build meaningful and emotional bonds with Gen Z consumers.
When it comes to eCommerce, 55% of respondents said they had previously bought a product based on an ad on social media, whilst 40% followed a link by a brand. Interestingly, influencer marketing appears to work the best with 57% of Gen Z consumers making a purchase based on a media influencer.

The report also noted that a large number of Gen Z consumers were considering leaving social media platforms. 41% said they were a waste of time, whilst 35% thought there was too much negativity.
Thus, advertisers are advised not to limit their presence to just social media. It’s important to consider other platforms and ways to reach Gen Z consumers.

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