Social media is the most important digital media channel among US marketers

A majority of 82% of digital marketers are looking to increase their digital media spend over the coming 12 months, according to research by Nielsen.

The survey conducted among 3,000 US marketers found that social media was now the highest ranked digital channel in terms of importance, followed by search, online video, email and mobile video.

This appears to be largely due to advertisers perceiving social media and search to be more effective (69% each) compared to mobile (60%) or programmatic (54%) options. Interestingly, OTT-TV and connected TV channels were deemed as the least effective channel.

Although ROI measurement may be trusted among some marketers, 48% of respondents are only somewhat confident in their ability to quantify digital media ROI accurately.

When it comes to satisfaction in working with walled garden media ecosystems such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, respondents aren’t certain. Almost half (41%) were neutral, whilst 32% were not satisfied with their relationships to walled gardens.

A similar picture emerges for analytics and measurements from walled gardens with 34% of respondents having low or very low trust in them, whilst 42% remained neutral.

Among the most important campaign objectives, customer acquisition still ranks top (93%), followed by brand awareness (81%), customer loyalty (76%), customer advocacy (68%) and reducing churn/customer turnover (60%).

The study also highlights that one of the dominant bottlenecks in boosting marketing effectiveness is technology. Specifically, measurement, analytics and attribution technologies aren’t able to fully satisfy marketers just yet.

Nielsen concluded that it wasn’t more data marketers were after, but rather the tech to make sense of the data.

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