Social media companies prepare to challenge India over new regulations

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. January 15, 2019

Media and social media companies including Facebook have started to prepare legal action in response to the Indian government’s plans to regulate their content and reveal origin of content more heavily.

As part of the proposed changes platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter would be required to monitor content that affects the “sovereignty and integrity of India” within just 24 hours.

If no major changes to the proposal are made, it is being implemented at the end of January (31.). The country said that the move would help to avoid the spread of misuse of social media ahead of elections this May.

Citing industry executives, Reuters revealed that social media networks have sought legal advice on the topic to actively work on objections.

Currently, around 300 million people in the country access Facebook, and 200 million use WhatsApp.

However, regulating social media companies at state-level is not a new phenomenon. Germany passed legislation that now requires Facebook and Co to monitor and remove hate speech within 24 hours. Similarly, Australia and Vietnam have previously passed their own regulations.