Social media based mobile shopping increases

Around a quarter of (25%) consumers use their smartphones to research or shop online more than once a week, whilst 18% use their phones to make transactions multiple times a week – up 2% from 2019.

That’s according to new research from Episerver which asked 4,000 consumers in the US, UK, Australia, Germany and Sweden about their shopping experiences.

Smartphones are leading as the default devices for online product research and shopping with 58% of millennials and 49% of Gen Z even preferring them for shopping.

They’re not quite as popular with Baby Boomers (18%).

However, conversions on mobile remained lower (2%) than on desktop (3%).

At the same time, purchases based on social media and influencers have increased.

Episerver found that 20% of consumers have previously bought something through social media influencer product posts.

Millennials and Gen Z are considerably happier to be recommended products (50%).

And social media shopping is kicking off with 31% of shoppers buying something from social media ads directly.

However, consumers may be getting slightly more annoyed by mobile ads in 2020 than 2019 as weekly shopping activities were down this year (19% from 26%).

Over half of consumers (62%) are now interested in personalised experiences and last year 26% of consumers wanted more personalisation.

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