Best Influencer Campaign: App Growth Awards 2019 Preview

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Posted: November 21, 2019

Ahead of the App Growth Awards 2019 we’re previewing the finalists for each award, to show you a snapshot of successful companies in the app market.

The Best Influencer Campaign award is given to publishers or agencies who can demonstrate outstanding results in the emerging field of social and influencer marketing for apps. Entries will need to illustrate how they have been successful in utilizing social media and ‘power’ individuals to make their app marketing successful.

Please give a very warm welcome to the finalists for Influencer Campaign category:

Now it is just a matter of couple weeks to discover who is the winner at this nomination. We will figure it out at the gala ceremony on Dec 5th …

Source: App Growth Awards 2018

Today Influencer marketing has clearly become a part of a digital marketer’s vocabulary. Brands either already use this channel to advertise their products and services or think about trying. Of course, like with any marketing channel it doesn’t guarantee a success and requires hard work. Influencer marketing is based on unique trust that emerges between an Influencer and her or his fans. Influencer marketing agencies and platforms are key players that help brands to tap the power of this channel.

Out hats go off to people who have made it to the final. It will be really delightful to watch the winner team on the stage, during the App Growth Awards ceremony in just a couple weeks…

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