Social Chain launches social media research consultancy

Anne Freier | August 8, 2019

Mobile Advertising

Social Chain, the social media agency, has just launched its very own social market research consultancy.

The service provides in-depth analysis of data shared by clients to help marketers understand their audiences and markets.

Social Chain says that data tends to be shared quickly on social media making it a readily available source of information.

“Gaining social-first insights has become integral to the decisions that we make and the data captured through social media is forever changing how brands operate, both online and offline,” said McVal Osborne, head of data at Social Chain.

At the same time, data has become invaluable in helping brands and businesses make informed marketing decisions.

“This is incredibly useful information, but few know how to gather it, process it, and put it into action. […] As the agency continues to use data for our own decisions, we wanted to offer this to our clients and give them a better understanding of the customers. Business can succeed or fail because of the decisions they make related to their customers – we want to help brands make the best-informed decisions possible,” he adds.

As part of the service, the company will audit client’s social media and track brand perceptions, monitor competitor activity and emerging market trends.

Through Media Chain, Social Chain already has access to 80 million fans on social media across a wide variety of categories.