Social Chain launches Like-Wise to combat influencer follower fraud

As influencer marketing gains traction, fraudsters are never far behind. Indeed, follower fraud is a major concern among brands looking to engage influencers for campaigns.

Now, the Social Chain Group has launched Like-Wise, a tool that can determine if and how much of influencer engagement is real or fake.

Like-Wise is able to identify fraudulent activity of specified influencers based on an artificial intelligence technology. As part of the technology, the company built a database of fake profiles and related behaviours.

Additionally, Like-Wise can distinguish between different types of influencer-audience interactions to assess if they’re fake or not.

Influencer marketing has been tainted by rampant fraud and the rise of illegal bot farms. Today we become the first agency in the world to provide an answer to this billion-dollar scam. Introducing Like-Wise:

Posted by Social Chain on Monday, October 8, 2018

According to Social Chain, initially testing of the tool identified 96% of fake engagement in an influencer charging $1,000 per post.

Steve Bartlett, founder and chief executive of Social Chain explained:

“There are literally thousands of influencers who are making a full-time living out of creating the appearance of having a big audience, when in several cases 95% of their engagement is fake. In real terms, you’re paying $1,000 to get 1,000 people to act, but really if I only get 50 people to act I’m stealing $950. […] There are major brands paying some people thousands of pounds for fake influencers to be flown around the world, when they literally have zero influence. Zero. There’s more influence in my dog’s Instagram page than some of these people that are making full-time living.”

Following an audit of 10,000 influencers, Social Chain found that over one in four were involved in some type of fraudulent activity.

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