Snapchatters are highly engaged mobile shoppers

Smartphones are now regularly used as part of the consumer purchasing journey. This trend is driven by Millennials and Gen Z – the two generations who are using their phones to find inspiration (71%) and research (70%) before making a purchase.

According to new research by Snapchat, 72% of users also made purchases using their phones and 77% celebrated their new products on the app.

The study, based on Snapchat’s internal data from Q1 and Q3 2019, found that the app has a highly engaged audience when it comes to mCommerce.

Snapchatters are 1.5x more likely to research products online and buy them in-store than non-Snapchatters.

They are also 2.5x more likely to shop and research in-store and buy online and 1.4x more likely to shop online and pick up in-store.

But users like to get the opinion of their friends (39%) before committing to purchase and 35% send snaps whilst browsing.

Snapchatters use the app more often during shopping than they use Facebook (58%), Instagram (46%), YouTube (137%) or Twitter (35%).

Retailers on the app saw a 14% redemption rate from geo-notification and 7x return on ad spend.

What may make Snapchat an attractive target for many brands is that 65% of them post to their Story after purchasing a product and 46% sent Snaps to brands whilst 45% tagged a brand.

However, it’s important to remember that all results presented are based on Snapchat’s own data.

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