Snapchat’s Stay Tuned news show reaches 29 million people, 60% under 25

Andy Boxall | August 22, 2017

App Business

Snapchat’s first original news program, the NBC News-produced Stay Tuned, has been a hit. In the first month of broadcast, nearly 30 million people watched the show, with 60% of them being under the age of 25.

NBC hasn’t revealed the numbers officially, but has published data on the viewership. In the first month, Stay Tuned was watched by 29 million people, and 40% of the daily viewers returned to watch another show at least three times in the same week.

Stay Tuned is shown twice a day, is available through the Snapchat Discover page, and last for less than four minutes. It’s claimed Stay Tuned is one of the fastest growing shows to hit Snapchat, with more than a million people subscribing in two and a half weeks.

The early success of Stay Tuned, says Axios, highlights how Snapchat is changing and no longer a place solely for celebrity gossip or sharing selfies. NBC has a 30-person team working on Stay Tuned, all working to make the program appeal to those who traditionally don’t watch news programs.

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