Snapchat will be launching non-skippable mobile video ads

Snapchat is planning to test non-skippable adverts across its videos, according to various sources. First reported by Digiday, Snap Inc did confirm that it was currently testing the mobile ad formats.
The format is called ‘Commercials’ and will go live on May 15th. It’s basically a six-second long advert that runs in Snapchat Shows. The ad format will not roll out to Discover or private user videos.
Given the social chat app’s financial struggles over the last few years, the company hopes that Commercials could boost its profile among advertisers.
However, research by Fluent has previously noted that 69% of American users of the app often skipped adverts on the app. This is all about to change with non-skippable video ads.
Although there’s the danger that users could be put off, most digital video viewers are very much used to advertising.
One source commented that Snapchat users would have to get used to the ad format in exchange for viewing content for free.

“That said, so much of the Snapchat generation has gotten accustomed to watching ads to get content,” they added.

For now, Snap has limited testing of Commercials to shorter, but well produced video content from large entertainment companies including NBC Universal and Viacom.
It remains to be seen if Snapchat can pick up pace and satisfy its investors through the latest addition.

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