Snapchat users can now share their Spotify playlists

Anne Freier | September 11, 2019

App Business

Snapchat users will soon be able to show their friends and followers what music they’re listening to thanks to an integration with Spotify.

The music platform is collaborating with the messaging app so users can share their playlists, song libraries and podcasts with others.

Spotify users who already have Snapchat installed will soon be able to seamlessly share music on iOS and Android devices. Users can also post to a Story.

From the Spotify app, users can tap on the ‘share’ menu, select Snapchat from the dropdown menu and et voila – the Snapchat app will open. Users can then customise a message they want to share the playlist with.

Playling music is similarly simple. Users just swipe to play and the Spotify app will open.

By integrating with the music app, Snapchat aims to bolster engagement rates. According to an eMarketer forecast in April 2019, engagement across the app has levelled out between 2018 and 2019 and is predicted to stay at the same level until 2021.

The company has been busy diversifying its product portfolio. Earlier this year, it added a dedicated video channel for its Creator Shows that features content from influential people on the app.

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