Snapchat to lose monthly users in the US in 2019

Snapchat is predicted to lose monthly users in the US in 2019, according to an upgraded forecast by eMarketer.

The social media app is expected to have 77.5 million US users in 2019, down from 79.7 billion in 2018 – representing a 2.8% decline.

Emarketer expects growth to plateau out until 2023 with a 0.4% increase expected in 2020.

Much of the decline in monthly users is being attributed to the company’s decision to redesign its app which left many users highly frustrated.

“Many users didn’t like how Stories and chats were mixed together in a confusing redesign that went into effect in late 2017 and was broadly available by early 2018,” said Showmik Podder, an eMarketer forecasting analyst. “The backlash was so severe that Snapchat was forced to scale back some of the changes just a few months later.”

The research company predicted a similar trend for Snapchat users in the UK, with losses predicted for 2019.

Snapchat will capture 37.9% of social users in the US in 2019, down from 40% in 2018 due to increasing competition from other social apps.

At the same time, Snap continues to improve the app by launching content features such as its own in-app gaming portal which could help boost revenue.

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