Snapchat tests app install advertising API integration

Snapchat may soon be offering app-install ads. That’s according to sources close to the matter who told AdAge that the company was currently in talks with experts to discuss access to its recently launched ads API and apps programming interface. Indeed, it seems the company may be in early testing of the new app-install ads API.
Snapchat app install campaign with swipe function
In addition, it is also creating a self-serve advertising platform to ease the process for brands to load their own campaigns versus using a third-party partner.
Mobile app install ads are on rise with ad spend set to reach $5.4bn this year and $6.8bn by 2019.
Mobile app install ad revenue
Facebook rolled out a similar product in July 2016 – App Event Optimization, which essentially lets app developers target users after they have downloaded their app. The tool, which is part of Facebook’s SDK also allows advertisers to specify the in-app event they wish to target, such as “Purchase” or “Level Achieved”.
Snapchat is well aware that for the company to take on Facebook app install ads will be unavoidable. In addition, it is likely to roll out expanded targeting and remarketing features.
Despite a fairly limited technology, (compared to advertising giants Google and Facebook at least) early testers of the app install ads on Snapchat have noted success.
Emilin Yaghoubian, Mobile Media Manager, Fullscreen, says:
emilin yag

“There’s so much potential for Snapchat. We recently started targeting using lookalikes, negative targeting, and interest-based targeting.”

According to Yaghoubian, Snapchat’s retargeting option reduced Fullscreen’s cost per installation by 25%.
Indeed, despite a higher price tag to advertise on the imaging app, some marketers are saying the cost has paid off and translated into more downloads.
In addition, Snapchat has made it even easier to download apps in just a single swipe, which may be adding to the positive results.

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