Snapchat plans to sell sponsored lenses to advertisers

Snapchat recently debuted a Lenses feature which lets mobile users play with graphics overlaying the photo/video they’re about to take. Now, the company is reported to be working to roll out sponsored lenses for advertisers, monetising on the new feature.
Snapchat Lenses
According to a Financial Times report, sponsored lenses will start rolling out 31. October this year and Snapchat plans to charge $750,000 per sponsored lens on holidays such as Halloween or Christmas and $450,000 on off-peak days. Earlier this year, the company had proposed the same figures for more traditional ad formats, but many marketers rejected the steep pricing.
Sponsored lenses are to let consumers play with brands in a cooler way. Indeed, Snapchat is reportedly approaching Hollywood studios to advertise using the feature.
Over the course of this year, Snapchat has been working (and ditching) a wide range of ad ideas. It launched Two Pennies ads, Discover platform branded content as well as its own content agency for the 3V ad product.
Given its 100m-strong userbase, sponsored lenses are likely to attract some big players in the ad world, as brands are working ever harder to engage their audiences.

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