Snapchat partners with DoubleVerify to boost ad viewability measurements

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. September 17, 2019

Snapchat has partnered with DoubleVerify, the digital ad measurement company, to provide brands the opportunity to measure their viewability and prevent ad fraud more appropriately.

“DV’s mission is to give advertisers clarity and confidence in their digital investment – across buying platforms, channels and media formats,” said Wayne Gattinella, CEO of DoubleVerify. “Our partnership with Snapchat deepens DV’s quality coverage across the social media ecosystem.”

Brands can now authenticate the quality of their Snapchat ads using DoubleVerify’s fraud verification and viewability technology.

The addition of DOubleVerify covers all main ad types on Snapchat including Snap ads, filters, lenses and Story formats.

“Measurement across platforms can vary dramatically,” added Gattinella. “DV uses consistent evaluation standards across environments – including web, mobile app and social, making it easier for advertisers to benchmark performance across their entire media plan.”

DoubleVerify’s partners include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.