Snapchat overhauls Discover and Live Stories design for greater published content engagement

Snapchat, the popular photo messaging app, just announced a redesign of its Discover and Live Stories features hoping to bring them to a wider audience and thereby grow its ad business.
Snapchat updates Discover
The redesign includes a new landing page for Discover that hopes to excite the audience through a new visual experience. A tile-like visual acts as a teaser replacing the previously plain logos.
In addition, Snapchat plans to meld Discover with Live Stories so that all premium content is hosted under one hood. Users will see a feed of mixed stories and channels.
Discover currently has partners such as BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan, Vox and MTV which curate their own channels through articles and videos. Live Stories covers special events such as the Oscars or basketball games.
Snapchat plans to add a subscription option to the channels so consumers get to have a greater say and what they want to see on the app.
A source close to the company told Digiday:

“The goal is to focus on content, rather than the brand for Discover going forward. They expect that this will increase readership since the content can draw in users that don’t have a relationship with the brand, per se.”

The aim of the redesign is to spark more engagement with published content across the app. Snapchat has been working hard to improve its advertising models, but most of them are focusing on the Discover and Live Stories channels. If it can get its 150m daily active users to check into these channels more often its ad revenues will go up. Currently, publishers are getting anywhere between 200,000 to 3m views a day.
Snapchat plans to launch an “end snap” that encourages users to subscribe to the publishing channels.

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