Snapchat may expand user control over third-party apps

Snap may be working on a new feature that allows users control over third-party apps that have access to their Snapchat accounts. First reported by Mashable, the new Snapchat update includes a ‘Connected Apps’ tab that lists all the apps currently connected to Snapchat.
Though it is unlikely Snap planned the addition in light of recent Facebook consumer data collection revelations, it does come at a critical time. However, Facebook has offered a similar function on accounts for a number of years already.
Google and Twitter all also provide users with an option to control their third-party app access. By default, Bitmojj, which is owned by Snap Inc, currently has access as well as the music app Shazam.
For now, it appears the feature is only available in a beta version of the app. However, if it goes ahead the addition not only allows users to block third-party apps, but importantly, they will be able to add third-party apps and possibly expand the functionalities of Snapchat.
This does bear the risk of sharing your data with ever more companies.

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