Snapchat marketing insights provider Snaplytics officially launches out of beta

The SaaS start-up that offers Snapchat marketing insights for brands, agencies and marketers has finally come out of beta. Now, Snaplytics is offering its Snapchat story campaign information to advertisers interested in increasing their Snapchat story reach.
Among the brands that have already worked with Snaplytics over the last year are Ben & Jerry’s, Vodafone and the City of Las Vegas as well as 200 other brands and agencies across 30 countries.
Snaplytics Snapchat demo
In essence, the company provides insights for marketers who wish to gain better insight into Snapchat promotion using the social media app’s disappearing stories. After all, that’s one of the features which make the app appealing to customers. Snaplytics doesn’t require a public API and instead provides the dashboard showing open rates, screengrabs that have been taken and how many followers a campaign has. It also highlights how followers began to follow a brand account.
Thomas Cilius, CEO and Founder, Snaplytics, explains that Snapchat can be difficult to manage given that brands only have 24 hours to grab screenshots of any statistics on their campaigns before they disappear:
thomas cilius

“Many brands and agencies have marketers very excited to use Snapchat effectively and our solution completely automates the process and is scalable, giving insights that are easy to interpret and delivering data a marketer needs to create better and more engaging content.”

Snaplytics makes it easier to evaluate a brand’s benchmarks by comparing it to a similar company. Having collected a vast amount of performance data, it now offers this insights to brands in order to help them improve their campaigns and audience engagement.
Brodie O’Brien, Ben & Jerry’s Assistant Marketing Manager in the US, adds:
brodie o'brien

“The dashboard shows us easy-to-understand data analytics without any of the tedious manual efforts we had to go through before – at precisely 23 hours and 59 minutes after we posted a story. This saves us time and gives us valuable insights into the effectiveness of our Snapchat stories from a range of different metrics.”

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