Snapchat launches web-based augmented reality Lens Builder tool

Snapchat has revealed a web-based augmented reality (AR) production tool which advertisers can use to create their own AR lenses.

The Lens Web Builder has the advantage that production costs can be kept to a minimum because no third-parties have to be involved.

According to Snap Inc, it’s the first web-based AR lens production tool to hit the market.

As part of the AR feature, the company has launched hundreds of templates that let brands customise their 3D lens experience.

Best of all, Snap will be making the service available for free and advertisers don’t have to commit to a minimum spend.

The Lens Web Builder is simple to use and produces results quickly.

It’s a great addition for advertisers with small budgets such as start-ups who don’t have the funds to hire large AR design studies.

Brands and even creators could be using the tool to create their own AR lenses to elevate their campaigns.

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