Snapchat launches Shoppable AR feature for the mobile app’s Lenses

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. April 19, 2018

Snapchat continues to expand its Lenses and this week rolled out a Shoppable augmented reality (AR) feature that lets brands and advertisers display and sell their products via the app’s Lenses.
First reported by TechCrunch, the tool expands upon Snap’s branded filters and the Lens Store which sells AR masks.
With Shoppable AR, advertisers can add linked buttons to a Lens that takes users directly to a website of the product.
Clairol is among the first brand partners to trial the feature with a beauty product as well as sports brand Adidas.
However, the feature is also useful for game app promotion as app developer King has demonstrated with its Candy Crush Saga game that can be played as an AR game from Snapchat.
The addition narrowly follows the company’s launch of seven new templates for its Lens Studio , which lets people create digital masks.
According to Snap, the Lens Studio has been rather popular with 30,000 lenses created in the first two months that attracted over 1 billion views.
Snap also announced the Official Creator Program that rewards lens creators by offering promotions, tech support and premium early access to new tools and templates.
Overall, lenses are used by more than 70 million of Snapchatters each day, making it the app’s most successful feature.