Snapchat launches new filters which can auto-detect snap objects

Anne Freier | November 28, 2017

Mobile Advertising

Snapchat has quietly launched a series of new filters that can detect what is in users’ photos and snaps to suggest relevant stickers and borders.
Originally reported by Mashable, the filters have been appearing on the app last week as part of the filter carousel.
So far, the algorithm is able to recognize objects such as pets, sports and foods.
The filters are an extension of Snapchat’s smart filters and could set the scene for the company’s major redesign announcement next week, which aims to make the app easier to use for older generations by overhauling its interface.
Following a meagre quarter performance during the third quarter 2017, Snapchat is aiming to boost its business.
By identifying a snap’s content, Snap could potentially impact its advertising business as brands would be able to target users based on their images.
In the future, it may be likely that Snap would introduce a sponsored version of these filters.

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