Snapchat launches rebranded mobile app Story Ads for Discover section

Snapchat has officially (re)launched its Story Ads for the Discover section of the app. Story Ads will now be served programmatically via the app’s self-serve platform – the Ads Manager.
Story Ads aren’t exactly new. The ad format was originally called Promoted Stories when it was first launched last November 2017. Brands could purchase Promoted Stories to boost campaigns as takeovers of the Discover feed during a given time slot.
The revamped Story Ads allow brands to engage viewers by letting them swipe products and videos. The ads are placed next to premium content on Discover, which may boost their reach.
Using programmatic auction-style formats has also improved pricing, according to Snapchat. Additionally, the company has boosted its targeting features with pre-defined audiences for Story Ads.
Snapchat currently has around 60 million daily users in Europe with 12 million of them based in the UK.
Snap has been testing a series of new advertising formats as of late. Last week, it was suggested that the app may launch six-second un-skippable video ads.