Snapchat launches image recognition feature for more sophisticated targeting

It appears that popular imaging app Snapchat may be working on an image recognition feature that lets advertisers serve ads and offers based on the real-world objects a user snapped with his camera.
Snapchat image recognition patent
screen shot 2016-07-14 at 2.21.51 pm
That’s according to a recently filed patent published by the US Patent and Trademark Office.
For example, if a user takes a snap of a doughnut or a cup of coffee, s/he could be served an offer voucher for a free treat in a related store.
If the photo is recognizable as coming from a certain location, that business could also cater highly targeted ads and offers.
The patent gives a clearer picture of what’s possible and how marketers may end up bidding for objects, similar to keyword-bidding. Ultimately, the higher the bid, the more likely they’ll get to tag that object.
Snapchat image recognition patent
Snapchat isn’t ruling out third-party software either, where buyers could tap into the ad feature.
Currently, the company offers geofilters, which are free image overlays to create a more fun experience on the app for users. But since their roll-out, advertisers have also been looking into the feature to offer branded geofilters.
The image recognition feature sounds rather sophisticated and could help Snapchat diversify its ad offering and ultimately open up a new channel for revenue flow.

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