Snapchat launches group video chats and other features

Snapchat has launched a couple of new features this week, including Mentions and group video chats.
The new group video tool lets users engage in video conversation with up to 16 other friends. For those popular kids with even more friends, Snap offers voice calls that can be picked up among 32 users.
Once a user launches a group chat, they can invite other people to join. Similar to other messaging apps, users can swap between voice and video calls.
Snap rolled out separate group and video chats back in 2016 to allow people to communicate more effectively. The new addition may be a little late, but comes at a critical time for one of Snap’s largest competitors – Facebook. The company may hope to catch some users leaving the social media network in the wake of its latest privacy scandal.
Snap also introduced “Mentions” this week which can be used to tag friends by typing the “@” sign followed by the username. The company said that tagging has been a feature long desired for by the platform’s celebrities and influencers.

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