Snapchat launches Bitmoji TV staring users and their friends

Anne Freier | February 3, 2020

App Business

Snapchat has launched Bitmoji TV – a short-form show of animated cartoons – staring users and their friends.

Bitmoji TV will air weekly on Snapchat for a 10-episode season.

For each episode, your personal Bitmojis and those by your friends will star in episodes scripted by the Bitmoji team.

Snapchat acquired Bitstrip, the developer of Bitmojis, back in 2016 for $62.5 million.

It’s the same story for every user, but staring the users themselves.

The first episode, for example, shows Bitmoji versions of users trying to get the award for “America’s Best Bitmoji”.

The episodes are all a bit ridiculous to be honest, but they’re meant to be fun – like a comedy version of your life.

Occasionally, celebrities will join in and make appearances in episodes.

“We really believe that we have invented a new category of entertainment. It’s scripted but it’s personalized. You could take that in a million directions,” said Ba Blackstock, Bitmoji co-founder and CEO. “First and foremost, I hope that everyone who watches this has kind of a mind-blowing experience that they’ve never had before.”

For now, Snapchat doesn’t have any plans to monetise the shows. That means they’ll be ad-free.

Whether users are going to enjoy the shows remains to be seen, but given that they get to star in their own episode it’s likely they’ll attract a pretty decent audience.

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