Snapchat is more popular among mobile users in Ireland than those in Spain

Anne Freier | June 9, 2015

App Business


The latest research from the Global Web Index finds that Snapchat, the messaging app that self-destructs sent images within 10 seconds of receipt, is one of the top communications apps among teens, averaging 16-19 year-olds to be 3.5x as likely to use Snapchat as non-teens.

Teens’ top messaging app is Snapchat

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The Social Summary Q1 2015 polled teenagers across several nations and discovered big differences in Snapchat popularity by country. Rates of access were highest in Ireland with 52% of teens having used Snapchat over the past few months, followed by Sweden and Belgium. Penetration was much lower in Germany (24%) and Spain (22%).

Snapchat penetration among teens by country

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eMarketer argues that the findings reflect overall social media usage in those countries, with France, Germany and Spain using their social networks less frequently. However, teens across those countries are still heavy smartphone users. According to Bitkom, 61% of German youths between 14-29 years, went online using a smartphone in 2014, compared to 57% on computer. Spain’s teens favored online access via their mobile phones, according to Instituto Nacional de Estadística reports.

Arguably, it’s likely that Snapchat has been slower to adapt in France, Spain and Germany with networks such as Facebook dominating in those countries.

However, the research also highlighted that Facebook is facing a growing image problem, particularly among younger audiences. Whilst 37% of adults named Facebook the “coolest” social network, only 14% of teens agreed. Snapchat scored highest among the messaging apps which teens consider to be trendy.

Teens consider Snapchat to be among the “coolest” apps

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The app announced a range of new features this year and plans on staying in favour with its teen audience, making it a valuable resource for marketers. In fact, yesterday Snapchat introduced a new feature which lets users switch between the front-facing camera and rear-facing camera on their phones whilst recording a snap.