Snapchat integrates with Nielsen to bolster access to audience segments

Snapchat continues to bolster its advertising offering by opening up to third-party software. Now, Nielsen has expanded access to its premium audience segments for Snapchat, allowing advertisers to purchase inventory via Snapchat’s ad platform.

Clients will be able to access audience data across over 30,000 branded segments including offline purchase data via Nielsen Buyer Insights and Catalina Solutions.

Additionally, Nielsen Marketing Cloud DMP clients are able to target their own first-party data segments onto Snapchat’s platform.

Snapchat currently uses Nielsen audience measurement solutions to monitor mobile audience reach, frequency and demographic composition.

“Discovering the audiences that drive engagement and offline sales has never been more critical for marketers, and we’re excited to continue our work with Snapchat across both our premium audience segment and measurement solutions,” explained Jessica Hogue, Senior VP of digital solutions at Nielsen. “This integration with Snapchat will allow partners to plan, activate and analyse marketing initiatives by accessing the highest quality audience data in the marketing underpinned by Nielsen.”

Snapchat and Nielsen began working together in 2014 with the adoption of Nielsen’s digital ad ratings.

The latest addition may make the app more attractive for advertisers seeking improved targeting capabilities through third-party integrations.

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