Snapchat extends non-skippable video ads to 3 minutes

Anne Freier | November 21, 2019

Mobile Advertising

Snapchat has launched a new ad format that lets advertisers extend non-skippable 6-second video ads by up to 3 minutes.

Called Extended Play Commercials, the addition keeps the same format of 6-second non-skippable ads, but lets advertisers boost ads for longer run times.

Snapchat users can skip an ad after 6 seconds or view the full video commercial.

If this sounds a bit like YouTube’s TrueView pre-roll ads, then that’s because these are similar, but Snapchat ads are placed mid-roll.

“Extended Play Commercials are a great option for online video and TV buyers. Heading into the holidays, this format is a powerful new way to reach our Gen Z and Millennial audience in Snapchat’s premium, brand-safe Discover content,” David Roter, VP of global agency partnerships at Snap, revealed.

It also provides advertisers with more options and greater flexibility as to the video ads they would like to run on Snapchat.

Content-rich video ads are particularly popular during the holiday season and many retailers enjoy good viewership of these ads. It makes sense then for Snap to expand its video ad format – just in time.

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