Snapchat expands Sponsored World Lenses for augmented reality app advertising fun

As Snapchat tries to recover from the disappointing release of its latest earnings, the company has revealed Sponsored World Lenses to allow brands to augment reality.
Snapchat introduced the 3D live photo and video filters just last month.
Sponsored World Lenses will allow advertisers to produce 2D and 3D overlays which users can then add to the area surrounding their image or video. In total there are four options of lenses: 2D and 3D, environmental lenses, objects that can be activated when a user taps the screen and interactive games.
Warner Bros., Netflix and Dunkin’ Donuts are among the first advertisers to sign up to the new offering.
Warner Bros. is first to run a Sponsored World Lens to promote its latest teen movie Everything, Everything. Snapchat users can now overlay photos and videos with a label from the movie.
Netflix says it plans to promote new 1980s female wrestling comedy via Sponsored World Lenses in the coming weeks.
In addition to World Lenses, Snapchat has launched Audience Lenses that let advertisers target specific audiences based on a range of demographics. Red Bull and MTV’s Super Sweet Sixteen have already tested the Lenses and L’Oréal Paris is lined up to run a targeted ad campaign shortly.
For Smart Geofilters, Snapchat is trialling an option that allows for creative to be exchanged with real-time location information. The filters can add location names, ZIPs and cities to Branded Geofilters.
According to Snapchat, one in three Snapchatters use Lenses every day, and Snaps with Geofilters have been viewed more than a billion times a day.

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