Snapchat expands shoppable AR lenses for creators

Anne Freier | August 14, 2018

Mobile Advertising

Snapchat has extended its shoppable Augmented Reality (AR) features for creators. Shoppable AR tools for lenses were originally launched in April 2018 for brands to display products via the app’s lenses.

Now, Digiday reports that the tool will also become available for content creators and influencers.

Kylie Jenner earlier this year launched a campaign that included a “shop now” button as part of a Story ad format. With the addition of shoppable AR, creators can add such buttons to their customized AR lenses.

Among the first to test the new feature was musical artist Nicki Minaj to promote the launch of her latest album “Queen”. Her campaign included an AR lens with a shop button that upon being tapped allowed users to buy her “Queen” necklace for $25.

Snap Inc has been busy rolling out features for content creators including sticker packs and the Storytellers programme which brings together brands and creators, in an effort to boost its profile and more effectively keep up with competitor Instagram.

The company has previously been criticized for largely ignoring the creator community.

Shoppable AR lenses could also be viewed as a way for Snapchat to increase its mobile commerce potential. If more users are actively buying products through the platform, Snap will likely attract more brands and stars to join to promote their products.