Snapchat app users can now create their own custom geofilters

Snapchat has made it even easier for users to create custom geofilters and add them to the app’s library. The company now enables users to submit them directly to the app instead of having to visit the studio website.
The “on-demand geofilters” menu includes a mobile creative studio where anyone can edit and customise templates of geofilters, emojis and other Snapchat stickers.
The design is then sent off to Snapchat for approval with a time and location specification from the user.
However, it’s not a free feature. If you want your very own geofilter, Snapchat asks for $5.99 as a starting price, which increases according to complexity of the filter and running time.
Payment is also submitted in-app which makes the whole process even easier.
Snapchat made it clear that the tool was to be used by app users, not businesses which are encouraged to continue to use the web-based option. So who would be likely to build a custom in-app Snapchat geofilter?
It’s likely to be used for special occasions such as weddings or birthdays. The feature is all about the user having some extra fun and making sure that special moments are getting the attention they deserve.
Interestingly though, the app does include analytics such as total number of swipes and views with the purchase.
With thousands of custom filters created each day, it’s likely that the custom in-app geofilters will see some growing usage. For now, they are only available in the US, but should be expanded internationally later this year.

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