Snapchat app install ads are working with 50% lower CPI rates

Peak Labs, the company that makes apps for adults, has reported some initial success using Snap Inc.’s app-install adverts.
Snapchat recently launched its self-serve advertising platform to allow a wider range of marketers of different budgets to tap into its advertising offers.
Now, Peak Labs which offers a cognitive training app as well as a colouring book app for adults has reported 1.7 million downloads from Snapchat advertising.
The company told Adweek that it was its second-largest ad channel for the month of August, following Facebook. In addition, Snapchat’s cost-per-install was 50% lower than comparable platforms according to Peak Labs.
Peak Labs has been using app-install ads which let users swipe across the screen as a call-to-action to download the app.
Tom Williams, the Head of marketing at Peak Labs said:

“We have this clear view where we want to be where our audience is and reach this audience – we try Pinterest, we try Google AdWords, we try all of the in-game ads.”

Similarly, marketing and automation provider Bidalgo noted its clients were seeing 30% lower CPI rates on Snap. In addition, acquired users on Snapchat converted to paying customers at a 30% higher rate than on other platforms. The ads also showed a 46% lower cost per action.
Snapchat currently has around 173 million active users per day. Much of its audience are Millennials and teens, which makes it a good network for specific demographic targeting.

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