Snapchat and Twitter catch up in Singular’s latest ROI index

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. February 23, 2018

Snapchat has shot up in Singular’s latest Return-on-Investment ranking following increased spending on iOS. The messaging apps features 6th highest for ROI in non-gaming app categories.
Singular has officially published its Singular ROI Index which uncovers the best mobile media sources on iOS and Android in terms of their performance. The results include 30-day ROI, set of cost, revenue and fraud data.
The index ranks sources by three factors: quality, scale and fraud. It is based on $1 billion in revenue data from more than 1,700 apps with 315 million installs from Singular.

“The Singular ROI Index has become the go-to source for industry-wide data to arm mobile marketers with the insights they need to drive the most revenue at the lowest cost for their apps. We’re excited to drill down deeper this year to provide them with even more guidance based on vertical and regional trends,” said Susan Kuo, COO and Co-founder of Singular.

Meanwhile, Twitter ranked second highest in ROI for both Android and iOS in the non-gaming categories.
Apple Search Ads shot to fifth spot as they managed to attract a larger digital marketing budget share. Within just a year, the company has risen from 23rd rank to 6th in 2017.
Although Facebook ranked high in 2016, AdWords once again leads on Android in 2017.
AdWords also ranked top in the Americas, whilst Facebook beat it in EMEA.
Video sources such as Vungle, Unity Ads and AdColony shot up to the top five spots for both Android and iOS demonstrating the formats growth curve.
When it comes to gaming, iOS drive 1.2x higher ROI than Android. However, Android is etching closer at a 8% annual growth in ROI.