Snapchat adds lenses for TikTok

Anne Freier | August 17, 2020

App Business

Snapchat has launched lenses for TikTok to make it easier for its userbase to share lenses across the two apps.

To mark the launch, Snapchat partners with four TikTok dancers, among them Jalaiah Harmon, the creator of Renegade dance.

The lenses track people’s movements and change in response.

For example, one such lens adds rain and fireworks around subjects which move about as the person moves.

For Snapchat, the rollout is a means to incentivise people to dance more using its lenses while also incorporating them into its challenges.

However, the lenses do not currently incorporate music. That means, users interested must play the music they dance to through a different app while recording their performance.

But that’s all going to change later this year, when Snap plans to add music.

Over the years, Snap has made plenty of changes to its lenses including adding AR functionalities. The latest addition is yet another measure for the app to keep users engaged and attract a greater number of creators.

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