Snap unveils new Audience Network, App Stories and much more

Snap Inc revealed some new features and products at its Partner Summit in California late last week.

Among the highlights, the company revealed that it was developing an ad network that lets users run full-screen vertical video Snap Ads within third-party mobile apps.

Snap Audience Network

The Snap Audience Network will start on iOS in the US, however, it’s not entirely clear if ads are served to just Snapchat users or non-users alike.

The Audience Network takes a page out of Facebook’s Audience Network. For the first time, developers will be able to earn money off their Snap Kit. Once a developer has integrated with Snapchat’s SDK, Snap advertisers can opt to purchase ad units within those third-party ads in addition to Snapchat ads. The network is based on a revenue-split model, but exact splits aren’t yet known.

App Stories

In an effort to keep users engaged outside of Snapchat, the company announced App Stories in collaboration with platforms Tinder and Houseparty. This allow users to share their Stories and Snapchat profiles to third-party apps. The tool should make it easier to cross-link Snapchat content to other apps.

Although Stories in third-party apps will not include ads initially, this could become a possibility in the future.

Snap Games

Snap has also set its sights on the gaming market with the launch of Snap Games, the company’s own gaming platform. Snap Games lets Snapchat users play games together for free.

Among the first games to feature on the platform are Bitmoji PartyAlphabear HustleC.A.T.S. (Crash Arena Turbo Stars) Drift RaceSnake SquadTiny Royale, and Zombie Rescue Squad.

Because the gaming experience is free, it is powered by ads. Snap plans to show Commercials in Snap Games, which are its six-second, non-skippable video ad format. Game developers are also to set up in-app rewards in exchange for viewing ads. Advertisers will have full control over whether they wish to purchase Snap Games inventory when purchasing Snap ads.

Lens Studio options

Furthermore, the company unveiled added graphics and special effects for its Lenses. Lens Studio which lets anyone create Lenses has been given a breath of fresh air with the addition of templates for hand, body and pet tracking.

This could also be a welcome addition for larger ad campaigns to incorporate more engaging user-led movements. New AR effects further let users augment buildings and faces to distort their shape.

Snap Originals

Snapchat has been busy bolstering its original show content. At the Summit, the company revealed that it was adding eight more Snap Originals to its app, including Two Sides – a scripted drama and the comedy Sneakerheads.

By adding more content, Snap is likely to attract a larger number of advertisers in the near future.


Snap also officially announced its Scan platform developed in partnership with Photomath.

Scan lets users scan math problems to help solve them or spice up GIFS. In the future, it could be integrated with other apps such as Shazam. This would allow users to use their Snapchat camera to find out the name of an artist or song that’s playing.

Other additions

Lastly, the company announced a series of smaller additions such as an extension of its Creative Kit that lets users share publisher content from Snapchat with links to the original publisher’s content.

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