Snap to trial stores for individual accounts

Snap will be launching stores for select accounts powered by Shopify. The checkout feature will be available for US Snapchat users to begin with and allows them to shop directly via the app.

According to Digiday, from 6th June five select accounts including Kylie Cosmetics, KKW Beauty, Beis, Pratt Daddy Crystals and BHADgoods will be given their own stores.

Until now, Snap has allowed shoppers to swipe up in order to purchase goods. In-app stores should make transactions even ever and allow for a more seamless product browsing experience.

Interestingly, the app is not taking transaction fees for now and has plans to roll out shops to publishers and additional accounts this year.

Whilst creators on sites such as YouTube are cashing in through advertising, Snap has taken a different route and enabled creators to sell their merchandise.

Given that most creators offer multiple products, the roll-out of stores seems like a logical next step for Snap.

The app makers hopes that the decrease in clicks will lead to higher conversions.

Snapchat has been busy bolstering its shopping options. The company recently added an integration with Shopify that lets merchants purchase Snapchat ads through the eCommerce platform.