Snap Publisher is now available – Geofilters are viewed over 2 million times a day

Snap Inc has officially rolled out its Snap Publisher tool, after announcing it back in June. Now, any advertiser – large or small – may create their own ads on Snapchat.
Snap Publisher combines some basic ad templates that are fully customisable using photos and videos. Vertical videos can be repurposed as well.
The company, which is set to report Q2 earnings on August 10, said that Publisher was aimed at putting “the power of our ad product into the hands of every advertiser, regardless of their size.” Snap Inc hopes that Publisher can boost ad sales across the platform and help the company grow.
In addition, Snap Inc revealed that geofilters, which are creative overlays on top of videos and photos, are now viewed 1.5 million times by app users, equaling 2.16 billion views per day. The company told TechCrunch that daily user growth on Snapchat had increased 7.7% between now and February 2017.
Recently, Snap has been focusing more heavily on its location business, acquiring Placed in June to embed geofilters as part of its advertising service. This strategy may not be misplaced given that more and more marketers are interested in location-driven marketing and retailers already prefer measuring actual foot traffic.
It remains to be seen if Snap Publisher and geofilters can turn things around for Snap Inc over the coming months.

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