Snap launches foot traffic measurement tool for mobile advertisers

Snap Inc. is getting serious about mobile advertising. Now, the company is rolling out a location-based tool that lets retailers and other businesses follow the foot traffic from advert to store. Snap to Store measures the number of weekly foot traffic following a Snapchat mobile ad.
So far, brands such as Paramount Pictures and 7-Eleven have already tested the new ad format. Restaurant chain Wendy’s campaign revealed that more than 42,000 people visited a restaurant after the Snapchat ad. And for many advertisers, foot traffic is just what they want.
The Snap to Store function allows marketers to view the locations of people who see an advert versus those who do not. It further includes demographics such as age, gender and region.
In addition, the move will allow Snap to collect location category data on users to share with advertisers in the future. However, the company said it was only tagging locations when people actually opened the app, and categories would remain broad. The question arises whether an opened app in the background continues to collect such information.
As one example, the Uber app does track location information of users who are running the app in the background as of late last year.
Snap also reported some interesting stats on where users opened the Snapchat app most often. Compiled by Greenberg Strategy, it reveals that 80% of Snapchat users open the app in a restaurant, compared to 66% at a shopping mall and 50% at a gym. Another 49% open the app at an airport.
Research by Placed, the location data firm, last year found that many retailers were still missing out on marketing opportunities with Snapchat. Among 65 of the most visited retailers, 60% had not used the Snapchat app to launch an account, missing out on targeting those active users. Many Snapchat users rely on word of mouth for product recommendations from their friends and family.
Chris Gilbert, Senior Social Strategist at Kettle, explained:

“Most retailers are aware that shoppers are snapping in store, though it’s probably not top of mind for most.”

Add to that research from Oracle which found that Snapchat users were spending 8% more cash at grocery stores compared to the national average. Overall, Snapchat households tend to spend 3% more on shopping trips.
Billy Boulia, Senior Director at Hearts and Science, adds:

“Snapchat is a great place for [consumer-packaged goods] advertisers to reach a large audience when they’re having fun and sharing with friends and family. It’s a group that’s proven to spend, and they use Snapchat to discuss and share what they’re buying to get real-time trusted feedback.”

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